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      Interlude: Done by some bored vets.
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      Kilo Charlie Clothing:



      What do veterans do when we have access to some gear and our imaginations run wild? Interlude.

      I do not own this song.

      It is "Interlude" by Attack Attack Subscribe!!!! and Share!

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      Shooting the Glock.. Thanks for the gun Ghost!

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      Life updates Via @RunNGunsNews
      78 Views . 12 Nov 2019


      Pro Gun and free speech discord server


      Run N Guns Official Website

      #ccw #freespeech #GunRights #constitution

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      Run N Guns News


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      It's finally done. Now let's take a look at the completed build of my 2nd 300 Blackout pistol. Enjoy !

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      Welcome to GunTube's Spotlight channel, your daily go-to for discovering what's new and trending around the world. From music to culture to Internet phenomena, find those gotta-watch videos from across GunTube, all in one place.

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      I'm a contractor who is bored, loves sports, traveling to bum-fuck places and hanging out. This is my GunTube Channel, some days are fun some days are serious but either way I am living life. Follow my Instagram @Patrif167. Watch me become a millionaire. Follow KILO CHARLIE CLOTHING on Facebook Be an OPBEARATOR

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      JerrBear Tactical
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      Welcome to my channel ! I'm just an average guy that is taking his passion for firearms to the next level.

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      Run N Guns News
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      i discuss firearm stories.. anything 2A related. Youtube censorship as well as twitter. Major advocate for free speech. I also do videos on self defense stories when a firearm is presented. those stories the media will not cover because it goes against their anti gun narrative. sometimes i go off topic. but it's rare. so if you have a firearm self defense story you think should be told. let me know! There will NEVER be a shortage of that. Don't forget to subscribe!

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